dress up this possum from toronto

spacebar to reset the friend

mouse over up and down arrows to explore your options

music by Jon Ke: https://soundcloud.com/applejuicebeats


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Can you make a game like this but with a whale #SAVETHEWHALES


A good possum indeed! Really lovely concept!


Thank you so much !! ; _ ;


thank you for this gift of possum. i would next like to dress up a raccoon from montreal. or perhaps another trash animal from another canadian city. and they can all be in a punk band together.


we are taking this idea VERY SERIOUSLY!!


i love her 10/10

she loves you too :')

Hi! :D I recently did a short video on your game and i really enjoyed it. I loved how it was a possum and not just another person lol review is at the end (If you're interested) thank you :)

wow thank you so much for this! really appreciate the playthrough and the feedback. your possum looking greasy af (in the good way).

we threw this together in like 10 hours as an inside joke thing - it is WILD to see someone else play through and enjoy it. lmao.

your thumbail is incredible you should do thumbnails for BIG BRANDS. thank you.


That’s really okay! It was really good :)

Created in only 10hrs? That’s insane! I would of thought a few days at least :) 

Haha thank you, it was a super quick throw together at the last second. Glad you like it though :D