The Game

A narrative-focused 2D adventure game set in an unreal world of monsters, managers, and magic most foul.

A mysterious new delivery app, Devil Express, has sent Worf to an apartment block that should not exist.  With a can-do mindset it’s up to Worf to uncover the secrets of this cursed building and maybe make a few friends along the way.


Movement: W / A or Left / Right Arrow

Interaction: Spacebar or Up Arrow

Inventory: Tab or "i"


  • full Spanish translation (downloadable)
  • 1 hour of non-stop delivery action.
  • a cast of over 16 memorable monsters.
  • a story of loss, labor, and doing your best.
  • one of the characters is a cheeseburger.
  • it's a strand game.

This downloadable executable plays better than the browser version!

But sometimes you just don't want to download something. I'm like that. Enjoy whichever version is most convenient for you!

Art by the POWERFUL ~shutteye~

Follow her on twitter @shutteye !

The music in the game was done by the incredible 7wave!

Everyone check out his tunes! Here are a couple of his soundclouds:

7wave is also the drummer of the band Good Kid! They're all dear friends, you can check them out here:

Our 10/10 perfect Spanish localization by:

Celia Gómez Álvarez

Elena Company Campos

Laura C. Copado Jiménez

Hire them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Join the Bad Pet Discord and chat with us!

We're making games and we'd love to make them with you. Join the crew!!!!

Join Link:

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also by reading this you are legally obligated to tweet this game out. Every like and share helps us out a lot! Feel free to tag us at @mrboyfriend666 or @shutteye ~

Photosensitivity Warning

On the 5th floor there are slowly flashing coloured lights. If anyone experiences discomfort please let us know in the comments.


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Very fun game, it feels nice to talk to ppl


когато бяхме деца, тя ме возеше като общ кон 


this game resonated in a really lovely way! the comments seem to say you're working on some more projects; i'm excited to see what you make next c:


this was a lot of fun to play! even though it was short, it had a large, colourful, and diverse set of characters that made it really enjoyable. the dialogue was a breeze to go through, enjoyable to read, and had me genuinely smiling. great world building for such a small space. gotta say Worf was my fav, and the interaction between him and Ash was particularly touching and sweet. thanks for an amazing game!!


It gave me introsepctive identity train of thoughts to go thorugh. Thank you <3


I loved everything about this game. It's just so cute, I wish I could write like that.


very good!!!!!!! i feel a personal connection to rude cat 


is good.


Made an account just to tell you how much I enjoyed this game. It's so heart warming but also bittersweet. I hope Desmond finds happiness.


thank you so much!!! desmond has much to discover......maybe he'll discover more soon...... 🙄


I love this game

thank u kiefciman <3


I made an account so I could say how great this game is! The writing is really good and the story really makes you want to play more! This game is just overall *chefs kiss* 

thank you so much!! I hate making accounts for things so this means extra a lot.

new devil express stuff coming soon!!!


Yo! I loved the game, too. The characters were interesting and I enjoyed playing. Where could I find this new stuff for devil express you speak of?


Wow... I didn't expect this kind of game. I'm really surprised. It was so wholesome, funny and a little heartwarming. The characters are very authentic and unique in some ways, really wants to know more about them, specially Worf. It would be so nice another production with Worf, maybe because once, a not long time ago, I was a delivery boy myself haha, he's cute and nice. I'm a fan now.

thank you!!! <3 

more worf coming soon I swear.


I really loved the game, is there anywhere i could find a soundtrack of the music in the game?

thank you so much!

ost release coming v soon ;)


Thank you! The game was adorable


This game was absolutely charming. I really enjoyed playing it. I think I'm actually going to snag some of the dialogue from the roof scene for my Curse of Strahd game! 

Thanks for making this - I had a lot of fun with it. :^)

that's so cool please do!!! big honour haha.

thanks for playing <3

(1 edit) (+3)

OH MY LORD this game was so much more than I came here for! Maybe Im a sucker but it gave me some good feels and it overall is so wholesome. I cant wait to make some fanart of these characters, I love their energy <3


thank you so much!!!!! :')


Great game, I loved it.


Thanks for playing :)


Found this today and I love it!!! The character designs are simple but so cute! Good game for when you're feeling down in quarantine. Worf is so adorable as well! And I also love Desmond's design! Good job creator <3


Alright so this is the first video of a 3 part series This game was cute, funny, and taught some nice lessons.The characters had their own distinct personalities so everything felt new, fresh, and just epic overall.Would really love it if anyone would give any feedback!

this video is giving me life

I can't wait to watch the rest. thank you so much!!!


<3 can't wait for more games by you!


Question, i can change the lenguage?

A Spanish translation will be available soon!


Thank's you!, i'm useless for english ;-;, and i already finished but, I. NEED. A. PLUSHIE, OF, WORF(?


this game is my honest to lord happy place. i relate so deeply to the story and the characters. this game was funny, heartwarming, and soothing. thank you.


I've had such a wonderful time playing this!

Thanks for playing! :)


Loved all the characters, goofy or elsewise :) I got stuck when I needed to fight the rude cat, I can't figure out how :/


I know this is late but you need to go to the cyclops on floor 3 I think and he will fight rude cat for you.


This is such a cute game and unique as well. Loved the art style <3

I loved this game. Charming, heartwarming, and actually very clever. Beautiful art to boot. Really made my night. <3


I enjoyed this a lot! The character writing is clever and made me laugh out loud a few times as well.




Holy this game is brilliant. Its so simple yet I had a very wonderful experience playing it. Loved all the characters. Thank you for this game, I truly enjoyed it.  


This is a lovely little game ! This is my first game on and I'm conquered ♥ ! Thank you for this experience ! 


Aaaahhh  Worf's such a cutie, and wholesome too, definitely husbando material!

As for the game itself, it's super super nice and i really enjoyed it, solid characters, cute designs, nice pixelart style and it's the perfect lengh for a late game night, and it made tonight incredibly peaceful and sweet. 

If i'm going to sleep with a smile on my face is especially thanks to this game. ^^

I wish to see more in the future. <3


This is such a fun little game! I love all the characters and the story, it was so deep and so light and funny at the same time



This game is so great, i love it


thank you for giving worf and friends your time 😘

No problem, i already do a review haha

(2 edits) (+3)

Did I make an account immediately after finishing the game because I needed to cry about how much I loved it? Yes. Yes I did. SO YEAH the game absolutely slapped! all the characters were wonderful and the message was nice and maybe I cried a little because of Desmond's story. So like.. thanks for making this game, it was great! 

watch me go make a Worf plushie because oh god I need someone like Worf in my life.


omg thank you so much! <3 that is very sweet of you to say. thank you for playing! if worf somehow materialized into a plushy....................................that'd be pretty cool gotta say.


Took me a while but yeah finally got to materialising haha, I wish I had the proper felt colours and well,,, a better attention span but here he is! The good-est boy!
(hh I already tagged you into the twitter post but I'm just kinda over excited)




I enjoyed this game so much. I found it on a bad day, and Worf reminded me that I should strive to find purpose everyday. Maybe I'll work on my art? Do something nice for someone? Maybe I'll play a game.


worf and desmond are boyfriends, thanks for coming to my TEDtalk




i played this one night because i was bored and had access to my mom's laptop. i cried at the end. 

it reminds me of night in the woods in a way, but it's also really different. i just love this game a lot-


Thank you for playing (❁´◡`❁)


aaaa, no problem :) i will play this again and cry again

never stop making game :0


Damn this is lovely!

(1 edit) (+3)


Yet another free gem of the internet. Thank you so much for this wonderful, wholesome experience. I'm amazed by the amount of detail you put into this, and had to play through a second time when I realized every character has additional things to say if you knock on their door again, or if you talk to them twice on the fifth floor.

The pixel art was charming, every resident was lovable in a unique way. My favourite was the Headless Lover, but they all have their own quirk to be remembered by.

What a game. And there is so much to take out of it, too; sometimes a simple favour is all one needs to get someone to open up.

Tender, heartwarming, and uplifting.



i got bored so i decided to play through it again and it didnt glitch this time

very nice

also i relate to slime too much.. i should work on being less like slime


you and slime are already perfect just the way you are <3

one day we can leave the house more. but that day is not today.

(2 edits) (+1)

I did 12/15 deliveries and i dont know where to go next... it wont let me go to the 5th floor yet .-.

edit: I've talked to everyone on floors 1 through 4 multiple times and nothing new has happened

edit 2: i think it's broken and i heard starting it over fixes it but it took me an hour to get here and i dont feel like playing it through again... ;-;

(1 edit) (+1)

oh no!!! I'm so sorry to hear that! I think it's a known glitch with slime sometimes hoarding the phone charger, we'll be fixing it in the next update. we're super sorry this bummered your experience.

if you want to check out the rest of the game AlphaBetaGamer did a nice playthrough of it, you can check it out here:

thank you so much for playing!




thank you for playing!! we are the ones who are blessed.


Great game!



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